Eyelid Surgery in Birmingham

How You Can Benefit From Eyelid Surgery in Birmingham

There are many reasons to undergo eyelid surgery. For most people, it’s often an easy way to appear younger. For others, it’s an important part of protecting their vision or improving their way of life. Whatever the reason, we provide unparalleled eyelid surgery in Birmingham, and we’ll be happy to meet with you to discuss your goals and likely results.

What is Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid surgery is designed to address signs of aging. As you age, your skin loses elasticity. That loss of elasticity, combined with the constant pull of gravity, causes wrinkles and bulges on the lower eyelid. On the upper eyelid, it’s not uncommon for a fold of skin to develop. This extra fold can often start to droop over the eye, interfering with your vision.

In some people, the thin layer that separates the fat layer between the eye and the skull starts to weaken. When that happens, the fat is pushed forward, giving the eyes a puffy look. In extreme circumstances, it also shrinks the field of vision. This can become a dangerous situation if left unchecked.

What are the Benefits?

Look Younger

Looking younger is often the first reason people give for undergoing eyelid surgery in Birmingham. The eye and the area around it is the one part of the face that is constantly moving, and that movement creates wrinkles and sagging, sometimes in people who are still quite young. Removing that sagging skin can smooth the surface and give a younger, more vital appearance.

Get Rid of That Tired Look

We’ve all had that look, usually after a long, sleepless night. As you age, that tired look can become a permanent feature. Eyelid surgery in Birmingham can help smooth out the skin around the eyes and remove excess fat from the upper lids. This will give you a revitalized appearance and help you recapture that youthful look.

Feel More Confident

It’s a proven fact that looking better makes you feel better. A simple eyelid surgery in Birmingham can eliminate many of those hard to conceal flaws.

Improve Your Vision

For some people, eyelid surgery in Birmingham is medically important. Severe drooping eyelids can hang over the eye, obstructing the line of sight. Uncorrected, this can quickly become a dangerous situation and severely restrict everyday events.

Who Should Have Eyelid Surgery?

There are no real age limits on eyelid surgery. Our goal at Schaffer Plastic Surgery in Birmingham is to provide each client with the eyelid surgery that best meets their needs. If you think you may be a good candidate for eyelid surgery, contact us today and book a consultation!