Breast Reduction

Reduce Discomfort with a Breast Reduction in Birmingham

Advertisements, movies, and commercials give the idea that having exceptionally large breasts is something to be desired. A lot of women think that having large breasts means having a great life. But the reality is that for many women with large breasts, having large breast means unwanted pain, discomfort, and suffering. We invite you to reduce this discomfort with a breast reduction in Birmingham.

There is a link for many women between having large breasts and having a lot of pain. This pain can be felt in their back, their neck, and their shoulders. Additionally, some women with very large breasts deal with skin irritation and even skin infections. Many women decide to undergo a breast reduction with the goal of minimizing the pain that they feel or reducing the irritation and discomfort that they feel.

Something that many people who do not have large breasts do not think about is just how limiting having large breasts can be when it comes to how active a woman can be. Jogging, playing sports, and engaging in other activities can be difficult and even pain-inducing.

For some women in Birmingham, having large breasts can take an emotional toll on them. Because of the lore and a sense of wonderment surrounding large breasts in the media, many large breasted women get unwanted attention, and this can have a negative effect on them mentally and emotionally.

One of the nice things about breast reductions is that they are very safe. For the most part, women are happy with the results they get. The level of satisfaction you have with your breast reduction procedure is going to be dependent on the amount of information you have about the procedure going into it. It will also depend on the reasons why you are opting to have a breast reduction procedure performed.

During the initial consultation with us at Schaffer Plastic Surgery, our plastic surgeon can work with you to determine the extent of procedure that you will need. The goal is to make sure that the procedure will positively improve your condition. If you feel that large breasts are leading to neck or back pain, do something about it. Reduce discomfort with a breast reduction in Birmingham. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more.