Defy Gravity With Facelift Surgery

For men and women with wrinkles, facial volume loss and sagging skin, facelift surgery can be an excellent choice for addressing these issues. Aging is inevitable but living with an aged appearance doesn’t have to be—which is why at Schaffer Plastic Surgery, we are pleased to offer a variety of personalized options to our patients. Your surgery will be specifically tailored to address your exact needs and restore a more refreshed appearance.

Innovations in Facelift Surgery

In recent years, major advancements have been made in plastic surgery resulting in less downtime and better results for patients. Often, our patients are pleasantly surprised with brief recovery periods and superior outcomes. Facelifts are among the most common procedures done at Schaffer Plastic Surgery, and for good reason—they successfully produce desired results.

Our surgeon, Dr. Christopher Schaffer, takes great care with each patient to ensure the most limited amount of scarring possible. He strategically places incisions in existing borders (in the hairline or behind the ear) to ensure natural-looking outcomes. With a deep commitment to knowledge, Dr. Schaffer is regularly learning and researching the latest innovations in facelift surgery to modify his technique. He takes extra time to plan each facelift surgery in advance determining his strategy to give every patient a natural, non-surgical look.

Types of Facelift Surgery

Every facelift surgery conducted at Schaffer Plastic Surgery is unique. Dr. Schaffer does not believe in a cookie cutter approach to facelifts. A great deal of time is spent studying individual facial anatomy and movement to tailor the technique for the desired result. Although each facelift is completely customized, they are categorized as follows:


Also known as a full facelift, this includes a neck lift addressing neck cords, double chin, jowls, jaw line aging, sagging cheeks, wrinkling of the mid-face and neck. In this procedure, Dr. Schaffer debulks neck fullness, tightens muscles and connective tissue in the face and neck, as well as lifts and repositions the skin. Incisions are discreetly placed in the hairline, ear contours and under the chin.

Mid (Mini) Facelift

This procedure addresses sagging cheeks and jowls and sharpens the jaw line while also addressing wrinkling of the mid-face. It does not include a neck lift and is therefore recommended for those with facial aging above the jaw line. The skin will be tightened, and recovery time will be shorter.

Short Scar Facelift

Indicated for early aging usually in the late 30s and early 40s, this facelift is appropriate for correcting mild to moderate skin laxity and jowls. Incisions and subsequent scarring is greatly minimized.

The Consultation Process

Your complimentary consultation with Dr. Schaffer is an ideal time to discuss options for facial rejuvenation including injectables, laser therapy, microneedling and facelift surgery. Depending on your unique rejuvenation goals, Dr. Schaffer may recommend a combination of treatments or surgeries to help you look your absolute best based on your timeline and budget.

At your consultation, topics discussed include timing, preparation, anesthesia choices, recovery, risks, post-operative pain, and return to normal activities. Most patients are presentable in public about one week after facelift surgery.

I am very pleased with the results, recovery, care & concern from the staff. The facelift & fat transfer to the areas around my mouth and nasal area using my own tissues gave me a smooth and natural look. Botox was used for the crow’s feet & a small amount in the chin relaxed the crinkles. After about a week most of the swelling was gone & bruising was easily covered with concealer. The incisions around my ears are not easily seen even when I pull my hair back. The staff recommended the 2 herbal supplements Arnica & Bromelain to help reduce redness, bruising & swelling. Also sleeping with my head elevated the 1st week helped a lot. I look very natural, just much better. I definitely would recommend Dr. Schaffer to anyone who wants to improve their appearance without looking “too done”. He did a great job & also has a good bedside manner.

Denise Q.

Facelift Revision Surgery

Benefits of a Facelift Revision

If you are not satisfied with the results of your initial facelift procedure, you can consider a facelift revision surgery. This surgery is a beneficial option for patients because it allows them to refresh, enhance or correct their results. The facelift revision will allow you to feel more confident in your cosmetic surgery results.

Reasons To Opt for a Facelift Revision Procedure

You may want to consider a facelift revision surgery if:

  • You are experiencing functional issues after your initial surgery
  • You are not happy with the results of your original procedure
  • You are hoping to refresh your initial results that have relaxed after time

Facelift Cost

Schaffer Plastic Surgery accepts CareCredit, a healthcare credit card designed for your health and wellness needs. It's a way to pay for the costs of many treatments and procedures and allows you to make convenient monthly payments. Apply today.

State of the Art Surgery Center

An advantage of choosing Dr. Christopher Schaffer for your facelift surgery is his private state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center, which is certified by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities for adhering to the highest standards of safety. You will have the undivided attention of Dr. Schaffer and his staff, as your procedure will be the only one taking place. The facility is located across the street from Grandview Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama and offers ample, convenient parking and a beautifully appointed waiting room for family members.

Visit our photo gallery to see real results from facelift surgeries performed by Dr. Schaffer. Schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Schaffer today to learn more about tightening and lifting your skin with a facelift.