Neck Lift

Although often neglected in cosmetic treatments, the neck is among the most vulnerable areas to the effects of aging. The skin of the neck is delicate and usually exposed to the environment. The neck area does not typically respond by getting firmer and tighter with diet and exercise. When the signs of aging, heredity or environmental damage have begun to show in the neck, Dr. Christopher Schaffer at Schaffer Plastic Surgery in Birmingham performs neck lift surgery with a high level of skill to restore a more youthful, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Neck Lift Procedure in Birmingham

The scope of a neck lift procedure will vary depending on the patient’s needs and cosmetic goals. For some younger patients with good skin elasticity, dramatic results can be achieved with liposuction only to remove excess fat deposits. For others, a neck lift may require tightening and restructuring underlying muscles along with removal of excess fat and skin.

Dr. Schaffer uses advanced techniques to perform neck lift surgery with very small incisions, discreetly placed behind the ear and under the chin. Through these small incisions, excess fat is removed, slack muscles are tightened and muscles may be restructured to correct visible vertical bands in the neck. The skin is then replaced and tightened, excess skin is trimmed away and the incisions are closed with sutures.

Reasons to Have a Neck Lift

A graceful and beautifully contoured neck can enhance a person’s appearance. Unfortunately, the neck area can begin to sag, wrinkle and crease, adding years to your appearance. Dr. Schaffer can perform neck lift surgery to correct a range of cosmetic issues with the neck, including:

  • Excess skin: Sagging skin under the chin is an obvious sign of aging that does not usually respond well to exercise. Excess loose skin of the neck can be tightened and trimmed in a neck lift procedure.
  • Excess fat: Even a thin person can have a double chin, left after losing weight or simply through genetics and the passage of time. Dr. Schaffer can remove excess fat under the chin in a neck lift procedure to correct this condition.
  • Turkey wattle: Sagging skin, loose muscles and bands on the neck may create an appearance resembling a turkey wattle – the loose, fleshy tissue under a turkey’s beak. This is one of the primary reasons many patients decide to undergo a neck lift.
  • Chin and jawline contours: Excess fat and lax skin in the lower face can create jowls. Removing excess fat and tightening the skin and muscles in a neck lift procedure can give the chin and jawline a more well-defined, youthful appearance.

To find out if you are a good candidate for neck lift surgery, schedule a consultation at Schaffer Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, AL. After a discussion of your treatment goals and careful evaluation of your anatomy, Dr. Schaffer can tell you whether this procedure is appropriate for you.