Power Assisted Liposuction for Impressive Body Contouring

Liposuction is one of the oldest, most tried-and-true forms of surgical fat removal. It has remained a popular choice among patients for decades for a good reason: it works. Recently, traditional liposuction has been improved through the development of power-assisted liposuction. This breakthrough technology allows for an easier, gentler procedure. When diet and exercise alone are not enough to achieve a sculpted and toned appearance, power-assisted liposuction is an ideal way to remove stubborn fat permanently.

How Does Power Assisted Liposuction Work?

Conducted by our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Schaffer, power-assisted liposuction works by removing unwanted fat through cannulas (thin, hollow tubes) inserted through small incisions strategically placed for fat extraction in targeted areas. Rather than Dr. Schaffer mechanically dislodging fat cells from surrounding tissues by moving the cannula back and forth through the fatty tissue as done in traditional liposuction, power-assisted liposuction uses a special cannula that breaks up fat cells with tiny vibrations which allows them to be suctioned more easily out of the body. This also allows for faster healing and minimal scarring.

What to Expect During Power Assisted Liposuction

Power assisted liposuction begins with the gentle injection of an anesthetizing solution into treated areas. This injection will contain a local anesthetic (lidocaine) and a synthetic form of adrenaline (epinephrine) which causes the compartments of fat to swell and become more accessible for easier removal, with the benefit of reducing post-surgical swelling and bleeding. A small incision will be made where the specialized cannula will be inserted. Most patients only feel pressure or a tugging sensation during the procedure.

Benefits of Power Assisted Liposuction

Power assisted liposuction is a cutting-edge fat removal and body contouring technology. It has many advantages over other fat removal technologies, including:

  • Providing surgeons with better control for more thorough and precise fat removal
  • The ability to remove more fat in less time for a safer, faster recovery and enhanced results
  • Using a much smaller cannula than a traditional liposuction cannula, requiring a smaller incision and resulting in minimal scarring
  • A gentler procedure thanks to the vibrations of the cannula tip which work to loosen fat and significantly reduce bruising and recovery time.

Dr. Schaffer and his whole team were amazing. On March 25, 2017, I had a full tummy tuck-lipo and breast lift at the same time and all three were pretty much a breeze, I kept waiting on the pain. The whole experience was awesome. My family and I can't believe how quickly I recovered. I feel so comfortable with the whole team and Dr. Schaffer is such a pleasant and friendly person. I am very happy with the outcome and would do it again in a heartbeat. I think he is going to become an Auburn fan as well so that makes us have lots to chat about during the check up sessions. Thanks, Dr. Schaffer and the staff and Penny for tightening up my compression attire.

Charlotte C.

Am I a Candidate for Power Assisted Liposuction?

Men and women who are looking to permanently remove fat in areas such as the hips, thighs, belly, back and upper arms to create a slimmer, smoother physique may be good candidates for power assisted liposuction. Power assisted liposuction can also be used for male breast reduction (gynecomastia) by removing excess fat and glandular breast tissue from underneath the nipple and areola. Good candidates for power assisted liposuction are those who understand that liposuction is not an appropriate weight loss method. It is best suited for people who are already exercising and eating healthily, yet have been unable to resolve areas of stubborn fat.

Power-Assisted Liposuction Cost

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Combining Power Assisted Liposuction with Other Treatments

Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Schaffer, understands the frustrations that people experience when trying to lose unwanted fat. Surgical assistance for fat loss is often necessary to achieve the results you deserve when you are living a healthy lifestyle. At your consultation with Dr. Schaffer, he may recommend combining multiple body sculpting treatments to help you achieve your ideal results. For example, many patients who receive power assisted liposuction also have a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure to tighten up lax abdominal muscles and address excess skin after weight loss or pregnancy.

Any body contouring procedure conducted by Dr. Schaffer will be performed in his private state-of-the-art surgery center that is nationally certified by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities for adhering to the highest standards of safety. Dr. Schaffer is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is nationally recognized as an expert and innovator in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery, making him an excellent choice for your power assisted liposuction procedure. You can expect to receive a high level of care and attention as his patient, as Dr. Schaffer is dedicated to safety before, during and after any fat reducing procedure.

Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Schaffer to learn more about how power assisted liposuction can help you get rid of bothersome fat for good.