Benefits of Body Contouring

Those who have found themselves at the end of their weight loss journey have discovered that they often need to take one more step to finalize their new look. Many feel they need to sculpt their body and reduce excess skin and remaining fat to define their appearance. Whether an individual has lost weight due to a rigorous diet and exercise regimen or has had bariatric surgery to reach their weight loss goals, they may find that a body contouring procedure is the right solution. With so many body contouring benefits to consider, it’s not surprising that these cosmetic  procedures are increasing in popularity.

What Is Body Contouring?

Body contouring is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to remove any excess skin or tissue resulting from significant weight loss. In addition, body contouring will remove lingering fat cells from your body and prevent them from growing back again.

Why Do People Choose Body Contouring?

People of all ages and body types have found that body contouring is an excellent option when they cannot achieve their desired look through diet and exercise. In some cases, even the most rigorous exercise regimen will not provide the sculpted, trim look people desire.

In addition, body contouring is a popular option among patients who have had weight loss surgery. After bariatric surgery, patients often meet their weight loss goals, but they still experience excess skin around their arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks and chest. Body contouring can reduce excess skin and loose tissue, ultimately giving patients the revitalized look they have long desired.

The Most Common Types of Body Contouring

There are multiple types of body contouring procedures available. Some are surgical procedures, while others are non-surgical techniques. 

Some types of body contouring procedures include:

General Body Contouring Benefits

Most patients who opt to have body contouring performed by an experienced surgeon find that they enjoy many benefits, both in the short-term and long-term. These are some of the top body contouring benefits to consider:

  • One body contouring procedure can target multiple areas of the body. In most cases, patients have several body contouring procedures performed simultaneously, allowing for extensive corrections. This is the most convenient option, not only because it provides immediate comprehensive results but also because it may minimize downtime.
  • Patients who have body contouring performed report that they feel better physically. They are more comfortable exercising and can enjoy a more active lifestyle because they no longer have excess skin that may pull, chafe, jiggle or interfere with their motions.
  • Body contouring can address hard-to-reach areas that are notoriously stubborn. Excess skin beneath the upper arms, for example, is difficult to eliminate through diet or exercise. Through body contouring, this skin can be removed and the tissues tightened, allowing patients to feel confident and secure in their appearance. An experienced surgeon will rely on multiple body contouring techniques to provide customized results.
  • Body contouring results appear quickly and are designed to last. Most patients will see their results within a week and enjoy them for years to come, but if they want to have the procedure repeated, they can. Body contouring can be performed as often as an individual likes if laxity remains an issue.
  • This is a versatile treatment option that can be personalized to suit the needs and preferences of the individual patient. In addition, it can be performed in tandem with other cosmetic treatments to achieve the desired results.

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Benefits of Non-Surgical Body Contouring

For some patients, non-surgical body contouring is the best option because of these benefits:

  • Non-surgical treatments are safe, effective and quick, resulting in minimal downtime and few behavioral restrictions.
  • General anesthesia is not required for these procedures.
  • There is no scarring.
  • Results are gradual, and patients appreciate the fact that the treatment is discreet.
  • Non-surgical body contouring results can last for a long time, as long as patients maintain their ideal body weight.

Find a Personalized Approach to Body Contouring

The best way to uncover all the body contouring benefits is to partner with an experienced plastic surgeon. Dr. Christopher Schaffer is known for his personalized approach to body contouring. He will provide insight into which body contouring procedures will provide you with the results you are craving. 

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