Do Facelifts Ever Look Natural?

When considering investing in yourself, your confidence and your appearance with a facelift, it is important to learn all that you can about your surgeon, the procedure and the results. A common question we receive is, “do facelifts ever look natural?” This question normally arises as patients think of outdated techniques and their results—such as…

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What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation or breast enhancement is a surgical procedure that’s performed to add volume to the natural breasts. This procedure is ideal for patients who are unhappy with their bust size or their overall physical proportions. Most commonly performed with either silicone or saline implants, it’s also capable of evening out and refining the natural…

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Treating Skin Discoloration with Laser Skin Resurfacing

laser skin resurfacing

Skin discoloration, otherwise known as hyperpigmentation, is a common source of discontentment for many women. The good news is that many forms of skin discoloration, wrinkles, and other skin issues can be effectively treated with laser skin resurfacing at our office. What Causes Skin Discoloration? Melanin is responsible for the natural brown pigment on the…

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Experiencing Painful Intercourse After Menopause? Consider Labiaplasty Surgery in Birmingham Alabama

If you live in Birmingham, Alabama, menopause should not mark the end of your sex life. It should not make you dread having intercourse because of the pain you feel during or after sex. You can have labiaplasty surgery, a cosmetic procedure to trim the loose muscles on your outer labia. Learn more about the…

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