Understanding Underarm Sweat Glands

Man looking at his armpit

Sweating is an essential part of life for humans. Without the ability to sweat, our bodies would be without its most important cooling mechanism. Even though sweating is a normal bodily function, it can be uncomfortable and downright embarrassing for individuals with excessive underarm sweating. Rather than being let down by clinical strength deodorants and…

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Does miraDry® Stop Odor?

woman touching her armpit

Schaffer Plastic Surgery performs life-changing procedures for men and women every day. Even though it is noninvasive and does not change a person’s physical appearance, miraDry® has a huge capacity to drastically improve the quality of life for many patients. By safely and effectively reducing underarm sweating and odors, miraDry® is an ideal solution for…

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What Causes Excessive Sweating?

Woman looking at her underarm area

At Schaffer Plastic Surgery, our greatest achievement is helping patients overcome long-term insecurities about themselves and develop newfound confidence. For many people, excessive perspiring is a top cause of chronic self-consciousness and embarrassment. We are pleased to offer the miraDry® procedure, which works by destroying sweat and odor glands in the armpits, to permanently eliminate…

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How to Stop Underarm Sweating Permanently

Woman with her arm raised

As a board-certified plastic surgeon in the Deep South, Dr. Christopher Schaffer knows how debilitating excessive underarm sweating can be for his patients. Rather than trying all the “prescription strength” deodorants, or dictating your outfits based on what conceals sweat the best, consider the miraDry® procedure to permanently stop underarm sweating. With minimal downtime and…

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