Are Multiple Cosmetic Procedures the Right Choice for You?

The decision to seek cosmetic surgery to change your outward appearance usually comes with the desire to get the most profound results. Modern advancements make it possible to combine certain procedures to achieve a more satisfactory outcome than one procedure alone. Thus, combined cosmetic procedures are more common now than ever. Additionally, the transformative power and convenience of combined procedures can be enticing. 

Dr. Christopher Schaffer at Schaffer Plastic Surgery specializes in performing combined procedures when doing so is both safe and suitable for the patient’s needs and preferences. Read on to find out if combining cosmetic procedures is the right decision for you. 

Understanding Combined Cosmetic Procedures

Combining cosmetic procedures can be done for a few reasons. In some cases, combined procedures will yield the most satisfactory result. For example, a patient may choose something like a facelift combined with a necklift to achieve a more youthful face and neck appearance. In other cases, multiple procedures are combined to achieve a more profound change without having to go through recovery at different times. For instance, a patient may opt for a buttocks lift and a breast augmentation at the same time. 

Assessing Candidacy for Multiple Procedures

When a patient seeks multiple cosmetic procedures at one time, several factors may need to be more closely examined to ensure the patient is a good candidate, such as: 

  • Personal health: Multiple procedures may be more physically taxing and unsafe for some patients
  • Medical history: A patient’s medical history must be examined to ensure they don’t have prior issues with high rates of infection or slow healing 
  • Realistic expectations: Patients must have realistic outcome expectations when considering multiple procedures

During a consultation with Dr. Schaffer for simultaneous procedures, you can undergo a thorough evaluation to explore all of these factors to make sure the patient is a good candidate. 

Benefits of Combining Procedures

Opting for multiple cosmetic procedures simultaneously can yield several benefits, such as: 

  • Greater surgical outcomes (e.g., one procedure complements the other)
  • Lowered costs because both procedures are performed during one surgical session 
  • Simultaneous recovery periods to reduce overall downtime 

While combined procedures can be beneficial, a combined approach is not safe or suitable for every patient. Therefore, it is critical to work with an experienced surgeon who will take a personalized approach to your needs and medical status. 

Several of Dr. Schaffer’s patients opt for combined procedures, and Dr. Schaffer may recommend a combined approach when it is obvious greater aesthetic harmony can be achieved by addressing multiple areas at one time. Take a look at a few patient testimonials from those who had multiple procedures at one time. And don’t forget to explore the gallery.

Still Feel Great After All These Years

Dr. Schaffer did a breast augmentation and abdominoplasty almost 17 years ago on me at Kirkland clinic. I just turned 51 and I am still as happy now as I was then. It says a lot for someone’s work when you still feel great with it after all of these years!

by Kimberly M.

It Was Worth Every Penny

1-week post op … I am VERY pleased with my breast lift and augmentation! Love waking up to these babies every day !!!! Dr. Schaffer was amazing and did an awesome job. I love the staff and the atmosphere. I have had NO pain at all, just some muscle soreness, my only regret……I didn’t do it years ago. I HIGHLY recommend. It was worth EVERY penny !!!!

by Tammy M

A Wonderful Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Schaffer is a wonderful Plastic Surgeon, very attentive to your needs and concerns! I am extremely happy with the results of my Rhinoplasty, neck lipo and lip injections. I highly recommend Dr. Schaffer if you are considering plastic surgery or other procedures.I have enjoyed my experience.

by Carolyn B.

Risks and Considerations

When two procedures are combined, the side effects and risks of both can come into play. Furthermore, multiple procedures may be more taxing on the body, which may mean slightly slower recovery times or higher risks of infection. To combat these issues, Dr. Schaffer painstakingly evaluates a patient’s health and goes to great lengths to make sure the patient understands the risks involved with each procedure and what to expect during recovery. 

Planning and Preparing for Multiple Procedures

Planning and preparing for multiple procedures should involve the following: 

  • A thorough pre-operative consultation 
  • A wholly personalized surgical plan 
  • A full understanding of what to expect during recovery 
  • Fully informed consent to every procedure involved 
  • A thorough plan for assistance during recovery after discharge 

Lastly, it is important to have realistic goals. Work with your surgeon so you fully understand what kind of outcomes to expect and the timeline for your recovery. While combining procedures may mean reduced downtime overall, you must understand that you may need more time to heal. 

Recovery and Aftercare for Combined Procedures

Recovery and aftercare are always important, but following instructions with multiple procedures is even more important. You may have multiple incision sites to monitor and take care of, and you may be facing different physical restrictions to negate any risks and ensure a smooth recovery. Dr. Schaffer and the team at Schaffer Plastic Surgery closely monitor the patient recovery process by providing detailed instructions for the patient upon discharge, open lines of communication and follow-up appointments soon after the procedure. 

Making an Informed Decision

Understanding the heightened complexity and potential risks of combining surgical procedures is important. It is the surgeon’s job to ensure all procedures are well-explained and you consent to each procedure. The doctor should also ensure you have enough information to support your decision-making process. Therefore, don’t hesitate to attend your consultation appointment with any questions you have, and make sure your chosen surgeon takes the time to provide all the information you need.

Trust the Experience of Dr. Schaffer for Multiple Cosmetic Procedures 

When you are considering combining cosmetic procedures for a more profound result, plastic surgery can be much more complex. Working with the most experienced surgeon is vital to help you make informed decisions and negate risks as much as possible. If you are considering a more complex, combined-procedure approach to aesthetic surgery, call 205.619.9905 to schedule a personalized consultation with Dr. Schaffer to explore your options.