Facial Massage After a Facelift

At Schaffer Plastic Surgery, care and concern of our patients doesn’t stop after they have had surgical procedures. Ensuring the comfort and safety of our patients is top priority along with preserving beautiful results. One way to support recovery after a facelift is through facial massage. This will support lymphatic drainage which helps to reduce swelling, bruising and discomfort. Your facelift aftercare instructions will include information on how to perform facial massages, but here we will explain it in greater detail.

Benefits of Facial Massage After a Facelift

The primary benefit of massaging the face after a facelift is to expedite the healing process. Massage improves blood circulation, which carries nutrients to the skin and prevents the buildup of toxins. It also reduces scarring by lessening tissue buildup and softening the skin around the scar tissue. Swelling decreases as well because it helps fluids move from the facial tissues into the lymph system. Additionally, gentle massage will ease pain by adding warmth to the face and limiting the signals sent by pain receptors to the brain. When done gently and correctly, a facial massage after a facelift can be extremely supportive of the body’s natural healing processes.

How to Properly Massage Your Face After a Facelift 

Special care must be taken to not injure yourself when massaging your face after a facelift. Learning exactly how to massage your face after a facelift from your plastic surgeon is key. Several massage types can be done after a facelift, including Swedish, lymphatic and scar massages. Swedish massage focuses on light, upward touching of the skin that helps to return sensation to the affected area. Lymphatic massage uses gentle, upward strokes to increase blood flow, activate lymph nodes and trigger lymph drainage. Scar massage is focused on softening the healed incision scar to reduce its thickness.

No matter which type of massage you choose, it should always be performed with lotion or oil to serve as a moisturizer and lubricant. Additionally, facial massage should only be performed after your wound is closed and has begun to heal. Your hands should be washed immediately prior to performing the massage and stitches must be removed before practicing a Swedish massage. When you visit Dr. Schaffer for your post-op appointment, he can provide further guidance on massage techniques and when you should begin performing facial massages.

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Expediting Facelift Recovery 

Following your aftercare instructions from Dr. Schaffer carefully is the best way to expedite your facelift recovery. Throughout the different stages of your recovery, rest is among the most important parts of your body’s natural healing process. Attempting to return to normal activities too soon can be extremely detrimental to your complete healing. In addition to performing facial massages as directed by Dr. Schaffer, it is important to avoid overexposure to sunlight after a facelift, especially for patients who are prone to sunburn. Smoking and alcohol consumption should also be avoided to expedite the recovery process.

Other Facelift Considerations

It is important to understand that facelift procedures are uniquely designed and individually performed by Dr. Schaffer. He spends a great deal of time studying individual facial anatomy to modify the technique for the desired result. Since the aesthetic needs of a facelift can vary greatly, recovery experiences can also vary. At your consultation, Dr. Schaffer will discuss timing, preparation, anesthesia choices, recovery, risks, post-operative pain and returning to normal activities—all based upon your individual goals and requirements.

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