Does miraDry® Stop Odor?

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Schaffer Plastic Surgery performs life-changing procedures for men and women every day. Even though it is noninvasive and does not change a person’s physical appearance, miraDry® has a huge capacity to drastically improve the quality of life for many patients. By safely and effectively reducing underarm sweating and odors, miraDry® is an ideal solution for patients who are tired of trying to conceal sweat and mask unpleasant odors.

How miraDry® Reduces Unpleasant Underarm Odor

Using electromagnetic energy, miraDry® technology works by noninvasively removing the underarm glands that can lead to excessive sweating and odor. After delivering this controlled thermal energy to permanently destroy such glands, they will never regenerate. In addition to eliminating more than eighty percent of armpit sweat, miraDry® safely removes some hair follicles from armpits. Since a reduced amount of sweat is left present to mingle with odor-causing bacteria, many patients will never have to wear deodorant again. 

Reducing Odor While Preserving Your Body’s Ability to Regulate Heat

Sweating is a natural, healthy and important bodily function, and without the ability to sweat, our bodies would overheat. Humans are born with approximately two million sweat glands to help us keep cool. Our underarms contain approximately two percent of these glands. After miraDry® permanently eliminates these underarm glands, your body will continue to sweat normally in other areas of the body. As safety is our top priority at Schaffer Plastic Surgery, we would never offer a procedure that would compromise a patient’s health. Indeed, miraDry® is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for reducing sweating, odors and hair in the underarm area. 

Choosing Schaffer Plastic Surgery for miraDry® 

Even though miraDry® is incredibly safe, it is important to only trust a board-certified physician like Dr. Christopher Schaffer to supervise treatments. Since miraDry® technology produces permanent results, it should never be offered by an unqualified practitioner. Dr. Schaffer is committed to keeping his patients as comfortable as possible, so he applies a volumized anesthetic with saline to numb the underarm area immediately prior to treatment. The medicated saline is used to anesthetize the nerves so that no pain is felt during the following procedure. Once the armpits are anesthetized, Dr. Schaffer’s staff applies a customized template to the armpit precisely to guide his treatment placement. Finally, the thermal energy of miraDry® will be discharged into appropriate areas, thus isolating the dermal layer and eradicating the sweat-producing structures for a permanent outcome. 

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What to Expect During miraDry® Treatments

Reducing underarm odor forever is as simple as a one-hour, pain-free treatment conducted in the comfort of our office. During the treatment, you will lie on your back with your arms above your head on a support. Feeling a suction sensation is typically normal as the energy is delivered to the targeted areas. After the treatment, most patients are able to return to normal activities immediately and resume more vigorous activities and exercise within several days. Mild soreness or swelling under the arms will typically resolve within a few days to a few weeks. 

Ideal Candidates for miraDry® Treatments

Almost anyone suffering from excessive underarm sweating can benefit from miraDry® treatments. Since the treatments do reduce underarm hair, women more commonly choose miraDry® than men. If you have already tried clinical or prescription strength deodorant to no avail, develop an unpleasant odor accompanied by armpit sweat or feel self-conscious about underarm sweat, miraDry® could be the life-changing treatment for you. 

To learn more about how miraDry® reduces underarm odor and excessive underarm sweating forever, schedule a consultation with Dr. Schaffer by calling 205.278.7969.