Achieve a More Contoured Shape With Body Sculpting at Schaffer Plastic Surgery

Are you struggling to eliminate unwanted skin and fatty pockets in certain areas of your body? Body sculpting reshapes problematic areas, reduces fat to create a shapelier appearance and tightens skin when diet and exercise are insufficient. Both innovative non-surgical and surgical procedures may be involved. The results can be life-changing for the right patients, making body sculpting a highly popular aesthetic option. 

What does body sculpting do, and what is the body sculpting process like? Find out the answers below.

What Is Body Sculpting and What Is the Process?

Body sculpting, also referred to as “body contouring,” is a medical procedure used to tighten and reshape certain areas of the body. Procedures are most often targeted at areas of the body that refuse to change or remain aesthetically unsatisfactory even when diet and exercise are well-maintained, such as around the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, breasts or upper arms. However, body sculpting may also be done after extensive weight loss, such as post-bariatric surgery. 

Body sculpting may involve surgical and non-surgical procedures to eliminate extra skin, remove excess fatty tissue and contour or reshape bodily areas. Non-surgical procedures may include options like:

  • CoolSculpting® – Cryolipolysis (“fat freezing”) is used to kill fat cells permanently.
  • SculpSure® – Laser energy is used to destroy fat cells.
  • Radiofrequency lipolysis – Heat and ultrasonic waves are used to target and break down fat cells.

Surgical treatments may also be involved in a full body-sculpting treatment plan. These procedures may include a tummy tuck, breast lift or traditional or power-assisted liposuction. Since body sculpting can involve a variety of procedures, each patient’s treatment plan can be unique. Additionally, working with a qualified surgeon to ensure an individualized plan is created and catered to your needs and concerns as a patient is critical. 

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A Look at Dr. Schaffer’s Expertise in Body Sculpting

Dr. Christopher Schaffer at Schaffer Plastic Surgery is considered a leader in transformative aesthetic surgery, including body sculpting. His more than 20 years of experience in practice and years of advanced training have shaped Dr. Schaffer into one of the most trusted professionals in the field. 

Dr. Schaffer creates an individualized plan catered to each patient’s needs and concerns using the latest and most innovative surgical and non-surgical treatment options. He also specializes in post-bariatric body contouring to help patients achieve a better quality of life after losing a substantial amount of weight. Dr. Schaffer’s body sculpting procedures have led to many success stories and happy patients. 

The Benefits of Body Sculpting

Body sculpting is not designed to help patients lose weight. Nevertheless, the treatment plan can yield profound results. Body sculpting can lead to more shapely, defined curves in the targeted areas. 

A few of the most noteworthy benefits of body sculpting include: 

  • Fat reduction in the targeted areas 
  • Tightened skin in areas where lacking skin elasticity has led to sagging 
  • Contoured curves around the waist, arms, butt, thighs and other areas 
  • Thinner appearance in areas where stubborn fat once accumulated 
  • Smoother, more youthful-looking skin 
  • Improvement in symptoms that can come with sagging skin, like ongoing skin infections  

Body Sculpting Safety and Precautions

Safety must be a priority with body sculpting procedures. Not all patients are good candidates for every procedural option. Since various procedures are plausible, each patient must be carefully evaluated on health history and status and any issues that could negatively affect the outcome of any procedure. 

Before approval for body sculpting surgery, Dr. Schaffer will go through a thorough consultation process to discuss your needs and concerns and evaluate the anatomical areas that need to be addressed. He ensures every patient’s health is overall good, their weight loss goals have been met, and their weight is stable. During the procedure and recovery, all precautions are taken to support the patient’s health and the overall success of any procedure. 

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Under the care of Dr. Schaffer, body sculpting procedures can be exceptionally safe and transformative, giving you back the shapely body you desire. If you would like to know more about what body sculpting can do, reach out to Schaffer Plastic Surgery to schedule an appointment by calling 205-619-9905.