Discover Solutions for Loose Buttocks

When gravity and time begin to take their toll, you may find yourself looking in the mirror and feeling frustrated with a loose bottom. Loose and sagging buttocks are not uncommon, particularly as people age, and it can be a major source of insecurity for those affected.

Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for this look. At Schaffer Plastic Surgery, we specialize in creating personalized treatment plans for patients interested in a buttock enhancement procedure. Dr. Christopher Schaffer is known for his ability to provide each patient with the improvements they desire.

Causes of Loose Buttocks

While there is no one root cause of loose buttocks, there are several factors that can contribute to loose or sagging buttocks, such as:

  • Age: Skin loses elasticity as individuals age, which can result in a sagging appearance. 
  • Weight Fluctuation: Weight gain or weight loss can impact the overall size and appearance of the buttocks. 
  • Genetics: Some individuals may be predisposed to loose or sagging buttocks due to genetic factors.

It can be difficult to improve the appearance of your buttocks through diet and exercise alone, largely because many factors can contribute to the looseness of the muscle and skin in this area.

Reach out to Schaffer Plastic Surgery; we offer several procedures that address loose buttocks and can be personalized to meet your needs.

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Solutions for Loose Buttocks

While diet and exercise may not give you the results you crave, there is still hope. Several surgical solutions are available for those who want to improve the appearance of loose buttocks. These include:

Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand cosmetic surgery procedures, largely because it provides fantastic, personalized results. During this outpatient procedure, Dr. Schaffer will remove unwanted fat from another area of the body, such as the abdomen or thighs. That fat is then injected into the buttocks, where Dr. Schaffer will sculpt and lift the behind until the desired shape is achieved. Patients prefer the natural-looking results of this procedure, and they can recover for a few weeks while resting comfortably at home.

Buttock Implants

Another solution is buttock augmentation, which relies on silicone implants to achieve the patient’s desired goals. This outpatient procedure is performed at a surgical center, and the surgeon will insert implants to improve the volume and shape of the buttocks. Similar to the Brazilian Butt Lift, recovery lasts about two to four weeks.

Benefits of Buttock Enhancement Procedures

Patients enjoy numerous benefits when they opt to have buttock enhancement procedures performed at Schaffer Plastic Surgery. Physical improvement is one of the most sought-after results, as most patients are primarily looking to improve the appearance of their buttocks. However, those who invest in this procedure often find emotional benefits as well, noting that they enjoy improved self-confidence in the long term. In addition, buttock enhancement procedures are known for reducing the appearance of cellulite and other skin imperfections, which adds to the appeal of these cosmetic procedures.

The Schaffer Plastic Surgery Difference

Buttock enhancement procedures are highly technical procedures, so it’s imperative that you work with an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon. Dr. Christopher Schaffer is a leading expert in plastic surgery, and he has ample experience performing buttock enhancement procedures. Dr. Schaffer is known for his personalized approach to each individual procedure and his dedication to providing each patient with attentive aftercare.

Loose buttocks are something that many people are dealing with, but most do not realize that there are solutions available. Rather than accepting the changes that have taken place, you can take control of your image and your confidence once again when you consider a buttock enhancement procedure at Schaffer Plastic Surgery. Contact us today to find out more!