What is a Brazilian Buttocks Lift Surgery?

To achieve the ideal body shape, many may consider a procedure known as a Brazilian Buttock Lift, or BBL. With the help of a reliable cosmetic surgeon, you can experience the benefits of a Brazilian Buttock Lift that can yield great results. Here you’ll learn more about this procedure, who can benefit from it and the recovery process.

What is a Brazilian Buttocks Lift?

The Brazilian Buttock Lift is a surgical procedure involving gluteal fat grafting. It specifically involves removing excess fat from other parts of the body and adding it to the buttocks. The result is increased projection and volume along with improved general symmetry and shape.

To complete the procedure, cosmetic surgeons perform both augmentation and liposuction. During liposuction, the surgeon removes excess fat from a few key places, which could include the abdomen, thighs, hips or lower back. The entire procedure takes around three to four hours to complete.

A typical BBL procedure involves five main steps, including:

  1. The procedure begins with the administration of either local anesthesia if the procedure involves a small area of fat or anesthesia for more extensive procedures. 
  2. The surgeon initiates the liposuction procedure to remove the excess fat from designated areas. This procedure entails using a suction tube to remove the excess fat.
  3. The procedure then involves purification and preparation of the excess fat prior to injecting it into the buttocks.
  4. The surgeon completes the process by injecting the fat deposits into specific locations around the buttocks, shaping them to achieve a fuller, sculpted look. This part of the procedure entails making several incisions in the buttock area before injection.
  5. The surgeon stitches the incisions made for the procedure and applies a garment to help suppress bleeding and allow the incisions to heal.

Why Get a Brazilian Buttocks Lift?

If you’re wondering whether the BBL procedure is right for you, there are numerous benefits of getting a Brazilian Buttock Lift.

Some of the specific benefits you’ll see with this procedure include:

  • Increased buttock volume and overall shape
  • Enhanced curves
  • Improved body proportions
  • Added fullness and perkiness to the buttock area
  • Reduction of excess fat in other areas of the body, including the abdomen, hips, thighs, and lower back

Additionally, the Brazilian Buttocks Lift is now safer than ever today, with the proper surgical techniques helping to minimize the risk of pulmonary fat embolism (PFE) and other potential complications.

With the help of a dependable cosmetic surgeon, you can get a BBL that achieves lasting results. 

The Difference Between a BBL vs. Buttock Implants vs. Buttock Lift

When choosing between different cosmetic procedures, it’s important to understand the difference between a BBL, Buttock Implants and a Buttock Lift.

Brazilian Buttocks Lift

The Brazilian Buttocks Lift procedure uses excess fat from various areas of the body to shape natural-looking buttocks. This procedure is ideal for patients with sufficient skin elasticity and fat to apply to the buttock area. The result is shapely, lifted buttocks.

Buttock Implants

The Buttock Implant procedure entails implanting silicone materials into the buttocks. This procedure is a viable alternative if individuals don’t have enough excess fat to get good results with a BBL.

Buttock Lift

Also known as a gluteal lift, the Buttock Lift is best for those with lost buttock tone or volume and have developed excess skin in the buttock area. The procedure involves making a single incision along the buttock’s upper contour. This enables the surgeon to remove excess skin, lift the buttocks and form tighter and smoother contours.


Following the BBL procedure, patients will need to undergo the recovery process, which takes several months before achieving the final results.

After completing the procedure, patients will first experience swelling and bruising in the areas where the surgeon removed the excess fat. Patients will experience some difficulty with walking in the first days of the recovery process. However, walking is crucial for the healing process, as it prevents constipation.

Patients must wear a compression garment over liposuction sites on the body for eight weeks after completing the procedure. This garment includes cutouts in the buttock area to avoid applying too much pressure to the buttocks, which would otherwise kill the injected fat cells. Around four to six weeks after the procedure, patients are able to wear jeans. 

Throughout the recovery process, patients must sleep on either their side or their stomach. For a month following the procedure, patients also need to avoid any activities and exercises that involve bouncing. Two months after the procedure, patients are able to engage in normal physical activity. You can also return to work within 10 to 14 days of getting your BBL.

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Patients typically see the final results of the BBL after about six months. However, keep in mind that  weight changes could affect the results. Before the procedure and during recovery, a healthy weight should be maintained to get the best results. If you lose weight following the procedure, the areas where you received a fat transfer are likely to become smaller, while gaining weight will enlarge these areas.

How Long Do the Results Last?

The best way to get the results you want with your BBL is to commit to aftercare. A BBL doesn’t involve implants, which is why it takes longer to see results with this procedure. In the six months leading up to full recovery, you will need to follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions. With the proper precautions, you can retain as much as 60% to 80% of the transferred fat for years.

Who is a good candidate for a Brazilian Buttocks Lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift is best suited for individuals who have excess fat that can be transferred to the buttock area, are in good health and who want to sculpt their buttocks to be rounder and larger. Patients will also need to be able to avoid sleeping on their back and sitting down for up to two weeks after the procedure.

If you are considering undergoing a Brazilian Buttock Lift procedure, schedule a consultation with Dr. Schaffer today.

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